Tec Review. 

New cover / May-June issue

Once again, we were commissioned by Tecnológico de Monterrey university to design the newest cover for Tec Review magazine, and its central piece entitled “It’s time to believe in science”.

When we think of science, we immediately think of one of the most representative figures at all times: Albert Einstein, but we wanted to take him out of context. And put him in a place where laws and principles, theories and knowledge are distorted, misrepresented, manipulated. Why? Even though science has shaped our lives, nowadays it is surrounded by a halo of skepticism. Fake news, conspiracy theories, and arguments against everything unknown to us.

Our work is an attempt to confront those perceptions within the scientific field, and start asking questions. What to believe in times of over information and misinformation? What to believe in times where social media is our source of facts? What to believe in times when influencers have more power than scientists?

  • Mexico City
  • Illustration
  • 2020